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Marketing Packages

Marketing & Advertising Disclosure

We offer three standard digital marketing packages — Basic SEO Package ($250), Email Marketing Package ($350) and Marketing Pro Package ($450) — that can be customized based on your project needs and goals.

Not Sure What You Need?

Want your online presence to grow, reach more people or target selected audience but unsure where to begin? 


Included in these packages we offer an optional 1 time (up to an hour) of in-person consultation to collaborate and discuss our marketing strategies and goals. Any additional in-person consultations will be extra starting at the price of $60 an hour

» We suggest you make time aside from any other distractions or commitments to fully take advantage of the one hour sessions included in your plan as this time is being set to work on your site and any additional time needed will be at your own expense.


Marketing and SEO maintenance is not included in the packages, however we do offer additional management options that can be added to your package for ongoing maintenance. 

»Monthly E-Mail Marketing Management Package:

If your business or project requires constant email marketing campaigns being sent per month we offer Monthly E-Mail Marketing Management starting at $150 per month (depending on the campaigns needed). This can be payed up front for a year or monthly.

»Pay as You Go E-Mail Marketing Management Package:

If your business will only require occasional email campaigns to be sent  we also offer the Pay as You Go E-Mail Marketing Management options. This option starts at $60 per campaign.

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